Welcome back, for those of you who haven’t given up on me. I am embarrassed to see my last post was November, 2016. A few surgeries and lengthy recoveries seized those eight months and, okay, I admit it—procrastination.

To resume the same theme, “Why Create?” for my blog, I looked back at my first post to refresh my memory. The following were in my comments, urging different women artists to contribute their stories.


Why do we write? Why do we paint? Why do we compose music?

Probably for as many different reasons as there are writers, painters,

sculptors, composers, etc. But yet, there are many of us who create

for similar reasons.


I feel certain you enjoyed and were inspired by reading the different artists’ statements as much as I.

At that time, never would I have thought of anything as unusual as a photographer whose passion is active volcanoes—anywhere and everywhere. As soon as her phone rings with the news of an active volcano, Meg Weston is planning her flight itinerary and packing her bag and camera. When I asked for one or two photographs, the beauty and the explosive spectacle immediately nailed the date in my mind for the post—July 4th, 2017. And what a celebratory way to reopen my blog.

I hope you agree.

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